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Channeling Political Frustration into Political Change

For many of us 2017 was a rough political year. My hope is 2018 will take that frustration and channel it into change-based political action. For my part, Im offering free freelance writing services to any progressive, humanitarian focused political candidate running for office for the first time.

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Why Megan & Harry Matter

Already worn out by nonstop news coverage of the engagement of Prince Harry and American TV actress Megan Markle? Let me suggest that you not focus on the media circus surrounding the announcement of the couple's forthcoming nuptials and instead consider what their union means to the world.

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In Support of the Admin Professional

Sexual harassment in the workplace is both insidious and prevalent as allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other high profile offenders in the news recently illustrate. While I agree it’s important to hold an organization accountable for the behaviors of its leaders, what I don’t think should happen is to also blame administrative professionals working for the organization. 

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